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We are an import-export company specialized in the food industry since 2013, with over 10 years of experience we aspire to become a prominent leader in the market, specializing in private label offerings.


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We pride ourselves on our extensive global network, with operations spanning across multiple continents including Asia-Pacific (India, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and the Philippines), the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Oman, and UAE), and Africa (Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Senegal, Ghana, and South Africa). Our export capabilities are particularly strong in these regions where we have established partnerships with local suppliers and distributors. Additionally, we have a growing presence in Europe and the USA, where we are actively seeking new opportunities for expansion. Our import activities are also diverse, with a focus on key markets in North Africa, the Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our commitment to global expansion is driven by our belief in the potential for growth and opportunity in these regions, and we are continually exploring new markets to expand our reach and strengthen our position as a leading global player in our industry.